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       Welcome to Royal K9 Kennel Longcoat German Shepherds!  I'd like to take a moment to thank you for your interest in my Long coat German Shepherds! We reside among the rolling plains and grasslands in central South Dakota, and I love sharing my rural life with my four-legged companions. I  strive to produce well rounded and prime examples of the German Shepherd breed, and my dogs are my passion! 
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longcoat puppies for sale

A little about me: My name is Candice Eisenbraun. I was born and raised in western South Dakota, and have grown up with, and trained dogs all of my adult life.  I attended and graduated from National K9 school for dog trainers and acquired a professional degree in puppy temperament testing, dog behaviors, basic and advanced obedience, search and rescue; tracking/trailing, and Police K9.  I have had the awesome opportunity to meet and work with many people in dog communities, as well as many law enforcement officers and agencies.  I donate my time as a trainer to various shelters, helping with behavioral issues to better help dogs find homes and farther yet, prevent them from returning!  My goal as a breeder is to breed healthy examples of the German Shepherd to help better the breed and over come the discrepancies poor breeding practices has caused- both physically and mentally.  My loyalty, honesty, and passion with my buyers and their families, has bettered me as a breeder and I will continue to devote myself to building solid, devoted working dogs suitable for families as well as working homes the way the breed was intended! 

What buying from Royal K9 Kennel,LLC means: 
  My breeding focus is to produce longcoat german shepherd puppies from health and temperament tested parents.  Each and every dog we raise here is family. Our tiny children are trusted to interact with our four-legged fur babies, and we could not be prouder nor feel safer!  From helping our 11 year old catch frogs, to camping out next to a stroller with a sleeping baby, our dogs are and will remain active parts of our lives.  Its impossible to shower without a set of canine eyes peering through the shower glass, or ordering drive-thru without a thorough inspection of the waiter by a dog in my lap, but we couldn't nor wouldn't imagine a life any other way!   Our momma dogs are raised in our kennel from puppy age, alongside our kids, and must be first and foremost-family friendly! Our ideal breeding dog, must be highly social, and pass all breed worthy standards. All adult dogs are Degenerative Myolopathy tested, cardiac tested, pass OFA hip/elbow ratings, and have full dentitions.  I carefully inspect and pry through several generations of lineage before choosing a breeding prospect.  A lot of popular "demand breeding" occurred in the 1960 & 1970's and this took a huge toll on the breed. Breeders were producing poor structured dogs, with bad temperaments and demeanors. German Shepherds were given a bad name for biting, and temperament issues.  This is the primary reason I chose to import a lot of my dogs or purchase from imported lines.  OUR job as breeders is to correct these problems and produce correct specimens the way the breed was originally intended! After all, we are only as good as what we produce!   
Puppies are given their first puppy vaccine at 6 weeks. We feel this is best for the puppy as it is allowed to be given some extra immunities before meeting his/her new family! We limit the amount of traffic into our kennel before the puppies are vaccinated to ensure exposure to outside disease and parasites is kept at a minimum.  My job is farther incorporated with getting to know my puppy buyers to better understand their lifestyles, and families to ensure one of our puppies is a perfect fit!  We keep in touch as a whole with our buyers and have designated a Facebook page to share photos and keep in touch with all of our new puppy parents!                                               
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Your puppy will come with AKC registration papers, puppy info pack, copy of health agreement/guarantee, sample of food, his/her vaccination records, certified veterinarian inspection,  and a crate (if he/she is being shipped). We fly all of our puppies with United Air cargo. Pups are only flown in air controlled environments and the wonderful staff at United take great care in ensuring our pups are well taken care of. While United is our preferred choice, some locations require using other airlines and we are careful to ensure our pups are safe to fly or they don't leave Royal K9.  We take great pride in the health and temperament of our puppies, and we know you won't be disappointed! Feel free to contact me regarding any particular Longcoat German Shepherd dog/puppy.   Our site is always a work in progress and our available page sometimes takes us awhile to update.  I would  love to hear from you, and answer any questions that you may have!  Thanks for your interest in a Longcoat German Shepherd puppy from Royal K9 Kennel, LLC!
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 longcoat puppies for sale         
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